Hey Guest,

Yesterday I told you about the 2-year anniversary of UpViral and the special offer that goes along with it.

(I'll keep it open until tomorrow-night since most people aren't online on Sundays)

You can check it out here.

I want to be honest, though.

UpViral is NOT some kind of miracle. It's just not. There's no "magic green button" that you can press and will suddenly build you email list of 10,000 without ANY effort.

Whoever claims that, is a liar.

It's a TOOL.

(Granted, a very effective one ;)).

Just like any tool, you got to use it. If you don't, you won't get results.

So if you're someone who wants to build a bigger list without putting ANY effort in... please don't join =) Frankly, I get a lot more satisfaction from customers who apply UpViral into their business and get AMAZING results from it.

Just a couple of days ago, William (one of our customers) posted something that's spot-on - see:

Don't be confused by the seemingly "small" numbers.

He got 36 leads himself... which then resulted in 17 ADDITIONAL leads.

That's 47% more leads thanks to UpViral!

Imagine if that would happen to you... the next time you're getting 1000 leads into your business... you're getting an EXTRA 470 leads at no cost as well.

Crazy, right? That's the kind of results we see our customers have every day.

Sure - some go wildly beyond that.

Take Matthew Longley for example.

He collected 114k subs within the first 30 days.

Troy Muir?

He got over 208k subs within his first month.

I'm not saying that's typical (most customers don't get 100k+ emails in their first month, lol ;)).

But even if you're "just" getting 50% additional leads into your business... how awesome would that be?

That's what I want for you as well.

The only question is...

Are you willing to do the work?

If you are - and get the results that go along with it - then I'd love to welcome you as a customer.

Sign up during this 2-year anniversary, and you'll get it at a huge discount.

You can sign up here until tomorrow night.

Do you have any questions? Just hit reply, no problem at all.

See you on the inside =)


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