Hey Guest,

STRESSED, scared and excited...that's how I felt *exactly* 2 years ago today. I remember as if it was yesterday. The timer was counting down. 1 hour to go, 30 min, 10 min...

At 10 AM sharp, I flipped the switch. The "coming soon" was replaced by a sales page.


Oh my... I can't believe it's been 2 years already. I'm SO SO SO thankful for everything that's happened since that time.

(Obviously, I can't let this anniversary go unnoticed... which is why we've got a HUGE discount going on today)

It all started with a vision that I had a couple years before.

(Some of you might already know the story, so feel free to skip ;))

== How the idea came about ==

Back in 2010, I lost my Adwords account and all the traffic that went along with it. Since I was 99% depending on their traffic, my business went back to zero - overnight.


I decided to travel to Australia, hire an apartment in Sydney and give myself a 6-month period to start "something new" (had no idea what).

Wasn't easy, lol.

Didn't get anything off the ground for 5 months.

I then started an experiment to build my first email list. Created an opt-in page so people could download my freebie, but with "a twist".

After they'd opt-in, they'd see a "Share To Get" button. This meant that besides entering their email address... they also had to share it on Facebook in order to download it.

Got a couple hundred shares that week and quite a few extra sign ups (collected 2-3,000 or so if I remember correctly).

Nothing MAJOR... but enough to get me interested.

I noticed a lot of people "Shared" it... but often they'd delete it right after, shared it on a fake account or it just looked as a "spammy share" (so their friends would never click on the message).

That's when I realized there was this company who had it figured out...


They gave every subscriber their own unique invite link, and they told them that every single time one of their friends signed up as well... they'd get extra storage in their account.

In other words...

"If you get your friends to sign up, you'll get something of value in return"

People couldn't resist. They were sharing their invite links *everywhere*. Not just once... as often as they could.

Such a brilliant setup.

Just one problem, though...

There wasn't ANY tool or system out there that could handle this.

At that point, I decided to build a tool that would make it easy to implement such a viral referral system into ANYONE's business.

After a year of development, UpViral went live on August 6th, 2015.

== That's the day list building changed forever ==

Since that time, a lot has changed.

While we started as a "really cool platform", we kept building and building. 2 years later, it's the most advanced and robust system to run viral referral-based list building campaigns.

(Check out this FB post to see what updates we rolled out this week, for example).

Whatever you're trying to do (e.g. a viral giveaway, viral contest, viral pre-launch, upviral content upgrades, etc)...

You can.

The only limitation is your imagination.

We've always focused on keeping UpViral as easy to use as possible (so people like you and me can easily add it into their opt-in pages without any tech-issues)...

... while focusing heavily on "advanced features" as well.

Things like advanced tagging, email follow-ups, split-tests, fraud detection and a bunch of other stuff.

There's nothing like this on the market.

But hey - features are just features... Possibilities are just possibilities... what about RESULTS?

That's the best part.

It's extremely effective.

Many of our customers used UpViral to collect tens of thousands of new leads.

Some even hundreds of thousands... within their first month.

You'll find various case-studies here so you can see for yourself.

(On that page I'm also sharing how many leads we've collected so far... I think it'll surprise you ;)).

Like I said before, I'm grateful for where we are right now.

Grateful for our team that's been devoted to making UpViral better and better every single day.

Grateful for our customers, who put their trust in us to give it a try.

And to you, for reading my emails even if you're not yet a customer of UpViral.

I'd love to see YOU build a bigger email list as well, and that's why we're doing this 2-year anniversary special.

To have an impact on more businesses.

You probably already know you want to build a bigger list, so you'll want to get access to UpViral at some point...

... so why not do it while it's cheap? =)

Check out the special offer here.

Hope you're enjoying your Sunday,


P.S. Just saw one of our customers post something in our group that you HAVE to see. I'll mail that tomorrow... unless you click here to indicate you don't want any emails about UpViral anymore (we'll still be friends, though).

Emarky B.V., Gageldijk 21, 3602AG Maarssen, Netherlands

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